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                About us


                上海松彩印务科技有限公司是一家以设计制作和销售为一体的专业企业。可满足客户大批量制作的需求。是一个以客户为中心,追求卓越品质的□ 高科技广告设计制作企业,自创意设计到制作的全程服务。规模生产及严格成本控制使高品质及¤低价格成为可能。即将推出的电子商务将彻底改变『传统印刷行业的∑ 管理方法,为我们的合作伙伴提供█优质的环保型产品,使其在国际市场上更具竞争




                Shanghai Songcai Printing Co., Ltd. has been specialized in manufacturing and selling printing products. At present, possessing many brand-new four folio Japanese Lithrone and Heidelberg printing machines, full-set electronic color scanners and plate-making equipment, Songcai is able to meet the demand of large batch production. Songcai is a high-tech advertisement and printing enterprise which is customer-oriented and provides all-around services from creative design to printing. Mass production and rigid cost control make possible high quality and low price. The electronic commerce which is going to be launched will thoroughly change the traditional management methods of printing industry and provide excellent environmental products for our cooperative partners, thus making it more competitive in international market.

                Established in Shanghai and geared to the globe, Shanghai Songcai Printing Co., Ltd. regards “sophisticated printing technique, excellent quality, honest and practical attitude and customer first” as its operation principle. We are currently providing supporting services for world-famous multi-national enterprises such as Samsung, Ericsson, Volkeswagen, Uni-president, Honda, Adidas, Jotun, Ordos, China Continent Insurance, etc. During the long-time unremitting striving, we have established long-term stable cooperation, and meanwhile, we have been studying and innovating in the cooperation so as to adapt ourselves completely with international standard from technology to management. At the same time, we consider extreme perfect and extreme beauty in printing as our standard and provide our customers home and aboard with excellent products and first-class services.

                Business scope of Songcai printing: specialized in providing exquisite picture albums, periodicals, sample books, flyers, manuals, pasters, paper boxes, big envelopes, reusable bags, DM posters, folders, real estate brochures, menu, hardback card books, notebooks, desk calendars, wall calendars, carbonless copy, stationeries and envelopes, stickers, cards and packages, sample design, cooperate image planning, packing boxes (including medicines), fine gift boxes, exquisite handbags, car logo stickers, plastic drop signs, badge, etc.

                Honesty: Foundation of business operation. Striving for customers’ most satisfaction
                Profession: Asset of business operation. Providing high quality products and services to establish itself in the market
                Innovation: Impetus of enterprise growth. Creating customer value and raising core competence of enterprise
                Talent philosophy: Knowing how to judge and use people, getting people’s respective merits, promoting only the talent, and gathering fortune through talents.
                Strategy: sustainable development, pursuit of long-term profits, future orientation, and broader view; through innovative thinking and optimized management, and making the best use of existing sales channel, production technology and talent recourses to create the first brand of Chinese printing industry
                Core values: customers are enterprise’s bread and butter, are the foundation of enterprise survival. We will definitely provide customers with first-class products and services.

                WHAT WE CAN DO?




                WHO CHOSE US